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26th August 2013 | 0 comments

Helen and Andrew tied the knot in Christ Church College, Oxford, surely one of the prettiest, if not the prettiest, venues in Oxford. In such a magnificent venue, one feels compelled to be quiet, to speak in low whispers...but Helen and Andrew's ceremony was filled with laughter and warmth, as befitted their easy-going personalities.

The rest of the day remained beautifully sunny, the perfect weather for a couple so sweetly in love they brought smiles to everyone's face.

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15th August 2013 | 0 comments

I'm pretty sure that search as you might, you'd be hard pressed to find a bride anywhere near as pretty as Jenny. People often throw around phrases like "she looks like she fell out of a magazine ad", but seriously, Jenny looked like she just stepped out of a shoot for BRIDES magazine.

There is no need to remind Alex what a lucky guy he is; as soon as he saw her walking down the aisle towards him, his happiness was palpable, written all over his face. And who can blame him?

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4th August 2013 | 0 comments

Alison, an American, met and fell in love with Duncan, a perfect English gentleman, in Oriel College, Oxford. I love meeting American-British couples, since I am half of one myself. Watching Alison and Duncan, two of the most polite, generous, and considerate people tie the knot reminded me of how true love doesn't care about nationalities.

Their family and friends gathered in the small town of Oxford from all four corners of the world to celebrate the wedding, an intimate affair filled with easy laughter and plenty of hugs. It's rare to meet a couple like Alison and Duncan, whose laid-back auras completely matched each other. Being in their presence made me relax, as though I were an old friend.

The day began with a First Look...

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30th July 2013 | 0 comments

Abbie and Omar is the type of couple every wedding photographer dreams of working with. Having grown up with each other, going from best friends to romance, their love for each other is apparent in every picture. It was effortless for me to capture their wedding day, because they made every moment so special.

Omar proposed to Abbie by having her go on an elaborate treasure hunt all over Bangkok, finally ending at the rooftop of The Banyan Tree hotel, where she found him on one knee. It's so obvious how aware Omar is of his luck. He couldn't keep his eyes off Abbie throughout the whole day, and well, who can blame him? The girl is frikkin gorgeous!

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4th July 2013 | 0 comments

They met on a damp hockey pitch, amongst all the running and the bruises. Somehow, he found her smile in all the confusion, and she found his.

It was a rainy Saturday when I arrived at Friars Court and saw the worry etched into everyone's faces. The ceremony was supposed to take place outdoors, in the beautiful garden at the estate.

We moved the chairs around inside the reception hall and hoped for the best. I bit my lip, crossed my fingers, and then...Stacey arrived. One look at her face and Chris's worried expression melted into a grin. Everything was going to be okay.

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5th September 2012 | 2 comments

Some weeks ago, I had the great experience of working with the wonderful Eve of Isha Photography as her second photographer. I like to second shoot for different photographers a couple of times each year, so when Eve told me she needed help, I jumped at the chance.

Every time I second shoot for someone, I feel like I've been given a backstage pass to observe how a different photographer works. It's always a humbling experience, and more often than not, I come away from the day with newfound respect for my fellow photographers. Eve was a total treat to be around and the day flew past without me realizing it. As a bonus, the wedding took place at the Natural History Museum in Oxford, surely one of the coolest venues I've ever shot in!

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3rd July 2012 | 1 comments

If you went all around the world, you'd still be hard-pressed to find a couple that fits each other as perfectly as Lukxmi and Paul. They're both doctors (yes, she is both smart AND beautiful...le sigh!), they share the same type of humor, and if they're any more laid-back they'd be lying down. From a photographer's point of view, a funny, photogenic, laid-back couple is, of course, a gem to be cherished.

A week before they were due to wed at the Oxford registry office, followed by a reception at St Cross College, the BBC forecast predicted THUNDERSTORMS. Yes, thunderstorms. I prepared my rain-proof gear and checked the weather forecast about seventeen times. Meanwhile, Lukxmi and Paul changed their wedding plans without skipping a beat. I e-mailed them the morning of their wedding reassuring them not to worry, and they replied, "We're not worried actually." And when I saw them before the ceremony, I found them as relaxed as ever. Talk about the ideal couple!

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