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13th July 2011 | 0 comments

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

Here's a wedding I've been just dying to share! Sue-Anne and Dom had their beautiful wedding in Kent a couple of months ago, and I simply could not stop staring and gushing at all of the beautiful details that Sue-Anne had poured into making her wedding simply amazing. From soft pink peonies adorning the reception rooms at Sundridge Park Manor to the pristine ivory cake, everything had obviously been planned and executed to perfection.

Obviously I don't need to tell you just how pretty Sue-Anne was. My camera loved her to bits! Dom, ever so suave in his spotless tux, was also a joy to work with. He slipped into all these dashing poses effortlessly...which is quite a rarity amongst men. ;) And augh, I could NOT get enough of the three little pageboys...they taught me quite a bit about posing and shooting kids, so I will have to do a techniques post on them soon. Sue-Anne and Dom, you guys were just so lovely, and your friends and family were the friendliest bunch of people I've met. I hope you two had a wonderful and relaxing honeymoon, you completely deserve it!

22nd May 2011 | 0 comments

Wedding Photography

One of the first things I came across regarding photography was to shoot in the direction of the sun, so you're not going against the light. I followed that piece of advice for years, wondering why my outdoors pictures were always so washed out...until I noticed that hey, plenty of beautiful pictures from photographers I admire are shot with the sun behind the subject! And that was when I found out...there are a couple of tricks when it comes to shooting under harsh sunlight, the most useful of which is to use your palm to shade your lens from direct sunlight. The first picture (both were taken by Mike, by the way!) was taken without shielding the lens. As you can see, it's really washed out and my features came out flat. Definitely not a flattering shot. The second picture was taken with Mike holding up his palm directly above the lens, and just look at the world of difference it made! The only drawback with this trick is sometimes I end up getting a sliver of my hand in the picture as well...but hey, practice will soon help to get rid of that mistake. Happy Sunday!

21st May 2011 | 1 comments

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

Introducing Mike, second shooter of JQ Photography. My long-suffering husband is not only my second shooter, he's also my model, my chauffeur, my website designer, and my equipment camel. He knows how I hate travelling alone, so whenever he can, he'll accompany me anywhere...down the street to shoot the newest buds that're just beginning to bloom, or even all the way to Kent just to drop me off at a wedding. Without him there is no JQ Photography!

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