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22nd September 2012 | 2 comments

It is no secret how wedding-obsessed I am. I spend most of my mornings looking through wedding blogs, and more often than not, whenever I see a beautiful engagement shoot published on a wedding blog, there will always be comments along the lines of "I wish my hubs and I thought of doing an engagement shoot before we got married!" Well guys, maybe it's true that "engagement" shoots can only be taken before your wedding...but guess what: It's never too late to have beautiful pictures of you taken as a married couple! This is precisely why we have wedding shoots. Some photographers call them Beloved sessions, others call them wedding or post-wedding shoots. I call it "grabbing life by the cajones". ;)

Yvonne and Luke tied the knot last year, but didn't have a chance to be photographed in their wedding outfits. Rather than giving up the thought of being photographed in her luscious wedding dress, Yvonne arranged a time for them to have a wedding shoot after the wedding. Not only that, but after the shoot, they arranged for a wedding lunch with their friends and family. You see, Yvonne is from Hong Kong, and Luke is from Witney. They now live in Dubai, so you can see what a challenge it is for them to get their family and friends all together to celebrate their union. But they grabbed life by the cajones and made it happen.

Boy, was I ever so glad they did. I'm certain that Yvonne and I will remain friends long after their wedding shoot. Easy with her smiles, Yvonne has one of the most infectious laughs ever. Every time she laughed, I couldn't help but laugh along with her. And although she'd warned me that she's not very photogenic, once I saw her in person, looking like the personification of the word FABULOUS, I knew we were going to be juuuust fine.

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5th September 2012 | 2 comments

Some weeks ago, I had the great experience of working with the wonderful Eve of Isha Photography as her second photographer. I like to second shoot for different photographers a couple of times each year, so when Eve told me she needed help, I jumped at the chance.

Every time I second shoot for someone, I feel like I've been given a backstage pass to observe how a different photographer works. It's always a humbling experience, and more often than not, I come away from the day with newfound respect for my fellow photographers. Eve was a total treat to be around and the day flew past without me realizing it. As a bonus, the wedding took place at the Natural History Museum in Oxford, surely one of the coolest venues I've ever shot in!

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13th August 2012 | 3 comments

How do you react when someone tells you they're spending their 9th-year anniversary being photographed by you? I had nooo clue how to react to that! I was simply quite overwhelmed by the privilege of being able to spend the time with them on such an important day.

Beng and Wai Ping have been together for nine years, three of those having been spent long-distance, with one person in Cardiff and the other in Cambridge. "Three years?!" I exclaimed. They nodded, smiling, as I shook my head in disbelief. I spend about two months out of the year shooting weddings overseas, and that's hard enough on me and the hubs. I can't imagine spending three years away from my loved one. What kind of strength must one possess for that kind of tenacity?

But there you have it. I am fortunate enough to come across all sorts of couples in my line of work, and Beng and Wai Ping are proof that love really DOES conquer all. They will be getting married later this year in Malaysia, where I am sure Wai Ping will make a radiant bride. While snapping pictures of them, I was struck by the quiet affection that Beng showed...such as helping Wai Ping with her dress and carrying her bouquet for her without being asked to...and once again, I thank god that I am able to share this moment with them.

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3rd July 2012 | 1 comments

If you went all around the world, you'd still be hard-pressed to find a couple that fits each other as perfectly as Lukxmi and Paul. They're both doctors (yes, she is both smart AND beautiful...le sigh!), they share the same type of humor, and if they're any more laid-back they'd be lying down. From a photographer's point of view, a funny, photogenic, laid-back couple is, of course, a gem to be cherished.

A week before they were due to wed at the Oxford registry office, followed by a reception at St Cross College, the BBC forecast predicted THUNDERSTORMS. Yes, thunderstorms. I prepared my rain-proof gear and checked the weather forecast about seventeen times. Meanwhile, Lukxmi and Paul changed their wedding plans without skipping a beat. I e-mailed them the morning of their wedding reassuring them not to worry, and they replied, "We're not worried actually." And when I saw them before the ceremony, I found them as relaxed as ever. Talk about the ideal couple!

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21st February 2012 | 9 comments

You know those mythical women we see in the movies? The ones who excel in their careers, are effortlessly beautiful, and in addition to all that, are also extremely kind and lovable?

Well, here's one of them in real life. When I first met JJ, I was struck by her porcelain skin, her perfect features, her easy smile. Next to her, I felt like a total troll. But then I started chatting with her and found out that beneath the movie-star looks lies one of the most down-to-earth, super intelligent (she's a graduate of Oxford Uni), humble people ever. And to top it all off, she is engaged to the warmest, kindest guy in London, Leo. Between Leo's enthusiasm for photography and the couple's easy-going nature, I was in photography heaven.

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9th August 2011 | 0 comments

I came back from Anuli and Femi's engagement shoot with a grin so wide that my cheeks hurt. Anuli is one hilarious girl, and neither I nor my camera could get enough of her. We were fortunate enough to be able to do their engagement session inside Keble College, Oxford, and it made for the perfect setting for this cute couple.

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5th August 2011 | 4 comments

Here is one of the sweetest couples I have ever come across...Antonia and Sam. For their second date, Sam, an actor, invited Antonia to watch his play in Italy. I went "Wow!" when I heard that. With a laugh, Antonia said, "Well, I guess when you know, you know." She went to Italy, and the rest was history. They just knew. As I snapped away, I noticed how Sam would run his fingers through Antonia's hair and tell her she looks lovely, and how Antonia would lean on his shoulder with a quiet smile...and I knew exactly what she meant. :) Le sigh!

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After having such a lovely time in Oxford's University Parks shooting Antonia and Sam's engagement session, I truly cannot wait for their wedding this November. Thank you guys for being such a treat to be around!

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