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25th November 2011 | 4 comments

"Is that her?" As I peeked into the hall where Antonia and Sam sat holding hands, it took me a moment to recognize the glamorous bride with her smokey eyes and loose curls. I'd met Antonia and Sam when I did their Oxford engagement shoot, so I already knew that Antonia was naturally beautiful, but I was still floored when I saw her in her blue wedding dress. She'd gone from fresh-faced girl next door to total gorgeousness. And yes, I agree with everyone who commented that she bears a resemblance to Katie Holmes! Little wonder then, that it took Sam 5 hours to work up the courage to talk to Antonia when he first met her!

She knew they were right for each other when she injured her leg playing netball one day. She was rushed to the A & E, where she found Sam already there, anxiously awaiting her arrival. Then came a four hour wait. Despite the intense pain (and yes, it must've been intense because she had to have surgery!), at some point, Antonia realized that hey, I'm sitting in the A & E with a busted knee and I'm having fun! After this realization, she reasoned that if Sam could make this fun, then life with him was probably going to be just fine.

Their wedding was nothing like the usual wedding. They arranged for me to arrive at the end of the ceremony (photography wasn't allowed during the ceremony) and requested that I shot mostly candids. We did manage to sneak a few portraits in, but Antonia and Sam spent most of the day having a great time with their loved ones. The result was a set of the happiest wedding pictures I've come across. I could not stop smiling as I looked through the viewfinder at the end of the day, and more than once (when I came to pictures of Sam's dad, for example, who's hilarious) I found myself laughing out loud, which was somewhat embarrassing and made passersby avoid me. (Read more...)

Wedding Photography

2nd September 2011 | 3 comments

As a wedding photographer, I pride myself on keeping a professional demeanor as I go through the excitement that inevitably surrounds the bride. Of course, my professionalism crumbled when I laid eyes on Marceline the morning of her wedding. "Holy cow, you look like a model," I gasped, gawking at her like a 13-year old with a crush. "I'm glad you like it!" She laughed, checking her makeup in the mirror. Like it? I can't remember the last time I was literally stunned by someone's looks.

I soon regained my professionalism and resumed coverage of the bridal prep. Then came the ceremony. I'm not an easy crier, no matter what my husband might tell you, but there was something so poignant and sweet about Marceline and Tim's ceremony that I found it a challenge to keep my eyes dry. I know this probably sounds like a tired cliche, but even as an outsider, I could sense the love, not just between Marceline and Tim, but true affection coming from their family and friends. Everyone in that room was truly delighted to be part of their day, and I have yet to meet a friendlier bunch of people. (Read more...)

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

11th August 2011 | 4 comments

Who can forget Jessica and Matt, the adorable couple whose engagement session was featured on Whimisical Wonderland Weddings? To say that after our Oxford engagement shoot I was looking forward to their wedding would be the understatement of the year. Jessica is not only a natural beauty who has a face that my camera loves to bits, she also has the most lovable personality ever! I just want to put her in my pocket and take her home! (Okay, I don't, stop giving me dirty looks Matt.) Aaanywho, like I said after our engagement session, Matt is also a treat to work with. Easy-going and amicable, I can totally see how the two of them compliment each other. All right, I think I've said enough for now...scroll on down to see this amazing Coventry wedding!

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

22nd August 2011 | 2 comments

Kerry and Rick's wedding was full of unforgettable moments. Kerry was a spirited bride with a bubbly smile that's just irresistable, and to top it off, she was surrounded by the cuuuutest little flower girls who would giggle and twirl every 5 minutes. The ceremony took place in one of the prettiest churches I have ever been to: St Edwards Church in Netley. I have the good fortune of living in Oxford, which is surely one of the most beautiful places in the world, but even then, I felt honored to be able to photograph such a beautiful location. It was a completely fitting venue for a couple like Kerry and Rick. (Read more...)

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13th July 2011 | 0 comments

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

Here's a wedding I've been just dying to share! Sue-Anne and Dom had their beautiful wedding in Kent a couple of months ago, and I simply could not stop staring and gushing at all of the beautiful details that Sue-Anne had poured into making her wedding simply amazing. From soft pink peonies adorning the reception rooms at Sundridge Park Manor to the pristine ivory cake, everything had obviously been planned and executed to perfection.

Obviously I don't need to tell you just how pretty Sue-Anne was. My camera loved her to bits! Dom, ever so suave in his spotless tux, was also a joy to work with. He slipped into all these dashing poses effortlessly...which is quite a rarity amongst men. ;) And augh, I could NOT get enough of the three little pageboys...they taught me quite a bit about posing and shooting kids, so I will have to do a techniques post on them soon. Sue-Anne and Dom, you guys were just so lovely, and your friends and family were the friendliest bunch of people I've met. I hope you two had a wonderful and relaxing honeymoon, you completely deserve it!

15th June 2011 | 0 comments

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography
On days like these, I feel wonderfully fortunate to have friends like Vivian, who not only has THE cutest lil boy everrrrr, but is also patient enough to let me snap hundreds of pictures of him whenever we meet up. On this particular day, Vivian drove us to a garden shop outside of Oxford, and it made for a laidback afternoon spent pointing at apalcas (alpacas? I never know how to spell it), picking out potted herbs, and of course, snapping hundreds of pictures of YangYang.

Even as I edited YangYang's pictures, I couldn't help but squeal every 2 minutes about how adorable he is. How can one little boy be THAT cute! Auggh, okay I really need to stop writing because I'm about to go into full-blown squealy know, the kind of thing people do when they see wriggly puppies trying to roll off their backs, say, or hamsters on pianos. And Mike's already giving me warning looks, so for the sake of his sanity, I'm stopping here and hitting the "post" button now. Happy Friday!

28th April 2011 | 0 comments

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

Hans and Jeassyca dated for 7 years before he turned to her and asked, "Do you wanna marry me?" To which she replied, "Okay!".

Okay! This is the kind of relationship Hans and Jeassyca have: simple, down-to-earth, and utterly sweet, and this was how their wedding was; there was minimal fuss, everything just somehow came together effortlessly into one sweet day filled with laughter and "Awww" moments. I can't gush enough about how lovable Jeassyca is. Decked out in her gorgeous princess-style wedding gown, she thought nothing of walking around, offering ME, her wedding vendor, a chair to sit on and water to drink! Was there ever a nicer bride??

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