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27th February 2012 | 4 comments

Just when you thought that JJ and Leo couldn't get any more adorable, here is part two of their weekend engagement shoot! I can't stress enough how much joy they infused into their engagement session...they even brought all sorts of meaningful props from their home in London. Needless to say, I was rendered quite speechless by their dedication.

We could not stop laughing as we took these pictures, and looking through them during the editing process, I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion. I'm pretty sure that looking at these pictures will bring a smile to anyone's face, so without further ado, here is part two!

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9th August 2011 | 0 comments

I came back from Anuli and Femi's engagement shoot with a grin so wide that my cheeks hurt. Anuli is one hilarious girl, and neither I nor my camera could get enough of her. We were fortunate enough to be able to do their engagement session inside Keble College, Oxford, and it made for the perfect setting for this cute couple.

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

5th August 2011 | 4 comments

Here is one of the sweetest couples I have ever come across...Antonia and Sam. For their second date, Sam, an actor, invited Antonia to watch his play in Italy. I went "Wow!" when I heard that. With a laugh, Antonia said, "Well, I guess when you know, you know." She went to Italy, and the rest was history. They just knew. As I snapped away, I noticed how Sam would run his fingers through Antonia's hair and tell her she looks lovely, and how Antonia would lean on his shoulder with a quiet smile...and I knew exactly what she meant. :) Le sigh!

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After having such a lovely time in Oxford's University Parks shooting Antonia and Sam's engagement session, I truly cannot wait for their wedding this November. Thank you guys for being such a treat to be around!

5th July 2011 | 2 comments

It's a quiet rainy Tuesday here in Oxford, and on such days, I like to curl up with a fat lil mug of tea and write away the day. This morning, I came across a picture I'd taken of one of my dresses. This dress is special to me because not only did my girl friends pick it out for me, but it's also the dress that I wore when Mike and I had our little English wedding.

When I saw the picture of the dress, it made me dig through my closet...and who knew? I have quite a few pretty, photogenic items just hanging in my closet, each one with a tiny story behind it.

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

1st July 2011 | 1 comments

As promised, here is a techniques post on my last photo shoot. It was one of the simplest and yet trickiest of shoots. Hmmm, okay, that didn't make much sense, but I promise you'll get what I mean in a bit. (I used my 50mm lens for the whole shoot.)

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27th June 2011 | 2 comments

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

Can you believe that this girl is not a professional model?? I had the best time shooting my dear friend Basia last Saturday. As you can see, not only is she insanely pretty, she is also super photogenic and a total treat to photograph. She didn't mind slogging through waist-high wild grass to get into just the right position and never stopped posing for the camera. Like I said, a total dream to work with.

I will do a techniques post on this shoot sometime this week because I've learnt so much from it, but for now, I'm pretty satisfied to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. :) Happy Monday!

25th June 2011 | 2 comments

This is what every photographer should wake up to on a cloudy Saturday morning: a husband with two packages from Amazon. The first package contained something for my husband, and the second, well, the second contained a work of art. I'd been dying to get my paws on this book ever since I heard about it, and augh, it's seriously one of the prettiest things we own!

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