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What made you decide to be a wedding photographer and how long have you been doing it?

I was doing food photography when the man who is now my husband proposed to me. Suddenly I found myself caught up in a flurry of ivory lace, duchess satin, and creamy letterpress invitations. I turned away from food photography and started photographing couples in love instead. That was approximately 2.5 years ago, and I have not looked back ever since.

We love the images in your gallery and everything sounds fantastic, but there are plenty of photographers out there. What sets you apart?

Unlike most photographers, I limit the number of weddings I do per year. Having me as your photographer means that you will receive all the time and care that you need to help make your dream wedding a reality. Everyday, I thumb through wedding magazines and blogs because wedding photography for me is not just a job...I honestly can't get enough of Vera Wang dresses, Badgley Mischka heels, and flowers in mason jars. I still get misty-eyed when a sincere groom says his vows, and most of the time I'll have a big grin as I take pictures of the happy couple laughing at the bestman's speech. I believe that your wedding photographer shouldn't just be "some dude taking pictures", it should be someone who you get along with and who can make you feel fabulous in front of the camera!

That sounds great but what you're describing seems expensive. Are we going to be able to afford it?

I totally understand that every couple has a wedding budget to work with, so with this in mind, I invite you to contact me to set up your complimentary consultation. You can tell me all about your wedding day vision down to the smallest details and you'll get to see for yourself the products I offer. From there, we can decide on the type of wedding package that will best suit your style, personality, and budget.

Who do you work best with?

There is no single type of couple that I prefer since every couple is unique...but I do find that the best pictures come from couples who have fun at their wedding. Weddings are momentous occasions with tons of details that go into organizing it. More often than not, life gets in the way and tiny hiccups will happen along the way. If you're laughing and having a great time even though the cake is the wrong flavor or the florist delivered the wrong flowers, my camera's going to LOVE you.

Who will not benefit from your services?

Wedding photography is a way for me to tell a couple's story using pictures. Most of the time, I will be in the background shooting reportage photography without getting in your way. When it comes to couple portraits however, I like to use a bit of creative direction to place you under the best possible light or have you ease into a pose. The end result looks natural and flattering, but I understand that every couple will have different ideas about what they want from their wedding photographer. If what you're looking for is 100% posed portraits with every single guest at your wedding, or at the other end 100% reportage photography where you don't interact with the photographer at all, then I'm probably not the right photographer for you. You can read a bit more about my way of using creative direction here.

Do you have professional indemnity and liability insurance?

Yes, I do. I am covered for up to £2,000,000 in liability insurance and £75,000 in professional indemnity. This might sound excessive, but it's really quite standard for photographers working in the wedding industry and is a great question to ask any of your wedding vendors.

What happens if you fall ill/get injured/have an emergency on the day of my wedding?

In the years that I have spent working as a wedding photographer, I have never had to cancel on a client at the last minute. However, should an emergency occur (knock on wood!), you will be given a full refund. I will contact other professional photographers in the industry for whom I have great respect and you can choose from any of my contacts or work with another photographer of your choosing. Like I said however, I have never had to do this and am very grateful for my good health!

Do you take more than one wedding per day?

No. I am a firm believer that your photographer should not be rushing to and from your wedding. In fact, I do a maximum of one wedding a week and really try to limit it to one wedding every two weeks because I like to be able to take every possible care of my clients' needs.

We see that you cover all of the southern of England. Do you do weddings in the north or outside of the country?

Yes, I do. I've been commissioned for weddings all over the world as well as different parts of England. I welcome travel to all destinations with additional travel fees.

This sounds like everything we've been looking for! What happens next to start the process?

The next step is for you to e-mail me at to set up your complimentary consultation. I'd love to hear about your needs and vision for your wedding day and see if we're a good match. This will also be the time to talk about which package will suit your personality, style, and budget.

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